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    10 Easy Ways to Facilitate Digital Marketing for Recruiters

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    April 1, 2022

    Digital Marketing for Recruiters

    Companies large and small are vying to find enough workers to fill open positions. The reasons for this situation are many but the focus of this article is what opportunities it creates in the workforce. The skills of recruiters are becoming more and more sought after as companies need to be more proactive in getting positions filled because not enough qualified candidates are applying passively. Even still, enlisting the help of more recruiters is no guarantee of success because that’s what many companies are already doing. What can your company do to supercharge the process? A well-developed strategy for digital marketing for recruiters can help them beat out the competition. This article will cover 15 easy ways to build out that digital marketing strategy.

    It should be noted out front that some companies do not like the thought of committing resources to a higher salary cap that comes with adding a bunch of new employees to the payroll (in this recruiters). Some companies prefer to contract with third parties, such as staffing/recruiting agencies, which already employee scores of recruiters. Such companies who do this and already have a digital marketing strategy for recruiters can coordinate with the agency to make sure their strategy is used when recruiting. Other companies that do not already have a strategy in place may contract with a recruiting agency that has a digital marketing strategy in place and just sign off on it. This works especially well in situations where the recruiting agency specializes in the industry in which the client company operates. Either way, marketing strategies for recruitment agencies are very important.

    1. Ad campaigns on your social media platform(s) of choice

    Studies show that the amount of time spent on social media is going up and up. Social media platforms know this and have built out powerful advertising services for companies who wish to get their message out there, such as job openings, where it is guaranteed to get seen…a lot!

    2. Organic posts on your social media platform(s) of choice

    Similar to the last suggestion, this one involves getting your message out there in some well-known places, though results tend to vary more here because not every organization has the same social media following. For well-established organizations that have millions of social media followers, getting traffic and response to your posts should be fairly easy.

    3. Paid posts on your social media platform(s) of choice

    For smaller or new companies that do not have millions of social media followers they can leverage influencers, organizations, or celebrities that do have such followings by having the latter make posts on the company’s behalf for a fee.

    4. Video posts to YouTube or TikTok

    Video is exploding right now as a medium of communication and the social media platforms that specialize in video, such as YouTube and TikTok, are obviously benefiting. Savvy recruiters may supplement job postings to a video where they explain the ins and outs of what it is like to work for a company, eliminating a potential barrier for people who wouldn’t otherwise apply because they don’t know enough about the company.

    5. Landing page

    Recruiters can use this as an introduction page where they provide information about a company in text format, accompanied by great photos relevant to what the text is saying. The page can also list out the type of people the company is looking to hire and what skill sets those people typically have.

    6. Digital billboards

    A fresh take on a longstanding way to market, digital billboards are in places known to get good traffic. Instead of a static picture that doesn’t change for months or years at a time, a digital billboard is lit up and the picture refreshes every few minutes or seconds to that catches people’s eyes way more often than classic billboards and have the ability to be more engaging too.

    7. Email list

    Email has been around as a method of communication for so long that people tend to forget about it. Recruiters filling jobs for your company should not be among such people and should build/maintain a great email list to use periodically (not incessantly) to get the word out there about important things.

    8. SEO

    Marketing ideas for recruitment agencies and recruiters are the same as many other industries when it comes to SEO. Being at the top of Google’s list for a relevant set of keywords can be worth its weight in gold and make sure a healthy amount of people see the positions you need to fill and presumably some of that traffic will be qualified candidates.

    9. Website design

    Even if recruiters manage to draw a good amount of traffic to their website that contains the job postings they are trying to fill, marketing strategies for staffing agencies are not complete without a good looking website. Make sure your website does not look like it was designed in the 1990s.

    10. Blogging

    Because the Internet lasts forever and content on most pages is searchable, savvy recruiters have found that maintaining a blog on certain topics not only draws people in but builds an ever-increasing source of information on a given topic.