By leftisn / January 12, 2022

CONTENT MARKETING SOLUTIONS Find out what content creationswe can come up with for your website. With unique and helpful content, you can encourage your followers to your site time and time again. A strong content marketing strategy can help you generate inbound traffic to your site while building your brand. One HR article, written by…

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Holiday Marketing and Beyond in the Time of COVID-19

By leftisn / December 8, 2021

The holiday season – a delightful time for the world of business and marketing, but with COVID-19 still throwing…

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7 Practical Reasons Why Staffing and Recruiting Firms Need SEO

By leftisn / February 5, 2021

The world was blindsided by an unforeseen pandemic and the staffing and recruiting industry was brought down to its knees.

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5 Ways to Use SEO in Inbound Lead Generation

By leftisn / February 2, 2021

They say if your business is not on the internet, then you’re out of business. But these days, the competition is incredibly tough…

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5 Reasons Why Being on Google’s Front Page Increase Sales for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

By leftisn / January 18, 2021

It goes without saying – generating sales is crucial. And to do that, you need to sell where your prospects…

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Simple SEO Hacks for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

By leftisn / January 13, 2021

Everybody uses Google for everything. For companies, it serves as a window of opportunities to get…

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Voicemail Drop, a Human Approach to Unanswered Phone Calls

By leftisn / December 16, 2020

Hearing the phone ring used to excite people, and picking up was almost an obligation because missing a call meant missing something important…

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