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    Best Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    May 3, 2022

    Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies

    The key to marketing is getting potential customers interested in your products and services. Marketing involves researching, promoting, and distributing your products and services in an efficient, costly manner. The best marketers understand the behaviors of their potential customers, especially as it relates to a certain industry. Marketing, like many other professions, has become hyper-specialized. So there are marketers for the medical industry, for the insurance industry, for the construction industry, etc. This means that while some core ideas of marketing remain the same, the overall strategy differs from industry to industry. Let’s look at the best marketing ideas for agencies in the staffing industry, aka temp agency marketing.

    Staffing agency advertising used to be similar to advertising in many other industries. An owner of a staffing would get some ads in the Yellow Pages, rent some billboard space, etc. Marketing for staffing agencies has changed much in recent years as the behaviors of prospective candidates and client companies have changed. There is no denying that the key medium for marketing nowadays is social media. Study after study confirms that people of all ages are spending vast amounts of time on social media and marketing experts know that the first step is to get your message in front of people’s eyes. Any staffing agency marketing plan has to account for its social media presence: creating handles, posting content regularly, growing followers, etc. This is of course a very general overview and the strategies branch out from there but they should all lead back to the same place, the company’s website, where prospective customers will find that last bit of information that affirms their inclination to do business with the organization. For staffing agencies, it may be a person looking to make job change or it may be a company that has positions to be filled.



    Social media is not the only place staffing agencies should seek to have their content present. Local newspapers and industry publications are some other important places to make your presence known. Why? Because nowadays all print versions of such publications also involve digital versions which can be an excellent way for a staffing agency to build up backlinks to the agency’s website. The more backlinks to a website, the higher search engines like Google will feature the website in their search results, making those websites easier for prospective customers to find. This is a great marketing idea for staffing agencies because at the same time you are getting your message in front of people’s eyes. Millions of people read local newspapers and industry publications for a variety of reasons every day.

    Increasing backlinks as mentioned previously is only one part of maximizing the search engine optimization (SEO) for a website. Marketing strategies for staffing agencies have to involve getting and keeping SEO as high as possible because it takes intentional effort and because most other staffing firms will be striving to improving their SEO as well. SEO is also not the simplest subject matter to understand either so staffing agencies should make sure they have qualified personnel dedicated to the tasks like increasing backlinks, ensuring HTTPS compatibility, mobile optimization, minimizing page load times, maximizing ease of site navigation, etc.

    SEO is not the only way staffing agencies interact with companies like Google. Marketing for staffing companies also means creating a business profile with Google to increase the availability of your contact information, increase the perception of how “official” your staffing agency is, potentially list out your physical location(s) in Google Maps, and enable satisfied customers to leave you reviews (increasing your credibility). One of the best parts about it is that a Google My Business profile is completely free!

    Industry directories is another helpful place to list your company information so that anyone or any company interested in procuring the services offered by your industry might find you more easily. The American Staffing Association is an obvious option that springs to mind. Others include a throwback to the previously mentioned Yellow Pages (their online directory), the Better Business Bureau, and Yahoo. Depending on the geographic region(s) your staffing agency operates out of, the local chamber of commerce may have a robust directory of businesses that would be a good place to list your information.

    We’ve discussed posting content to social media and other places online but you should not neglect your own company’s website. The most common way companies, staffing firms or otherwise, post content to their websites is in the form of a blog. The blog structure has been around for a while so it has been thoroughly tested and shown to be successful. Blog posts are searchable and provide another of many useful tools for marketing strategies. The likely subject of blog posts that prospective customers would be interested in reading is how your staffing firm can help someone with their job search or how your firm excels at filling open positions within current client companies.