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    Branding and SEO Strategies for Getting to the Top of Google

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Our company is one of the top staffing agencies that comes up in Google searches. This is because we implement strategic methods on our websites to ensure they are one of the first ones any internet searcher sees. We refer to these branding strategies and tactical plans as our secret sauce, and today is your lucky day because we are going to share them with you!

    Many do not want to grow or be at the top of Google searches

    One of the most shocking things we have found when talking to clients about their SEO, search engine optimization, is that many do not want to grow or be at the top of Google searches. There seems to be this idea going around that by growing your voice then you become a bigger target for negative reviews. Our company likes to work on the assumption that if you are not trying to make people angry, then adverse comments should not be a problem. If you do have negative reviews, our best solution is to add quality content to your company website to drown out unfavorable talk. To say this in the simplest of terms: haters gonna hate; you cannot allow worry about negative people prevent you from stepping out and growing your web presence.

    At our company, we always treat our customers with respect

    We have been in business for thirty years, have an A+ rating from the better business bureau, and we are not even a paying member. Why is this relevant? This is important because it is a testament that our branding and SEO strategies work and they can truly benefit your business. At our company, we always treat our customers with respect, but we know that there is a chance that someone will be upset and give us a bad review. Do you know why we are not concerned with bad comments? It is because if there is some adverse talk out there, we cover it with the quality and volume of content that we link on our website.

    You do not have to pay Google or other search engines to get more exposure and increase your traffic.

    Also, we want to let you know that you do not have to pay Google or other search engines to get more exposure and increase your traffic. A few solutions that you can implement on your own website are adding links to your company page, posting keyword rich content, and adding pages to your website that draw people to different parts of your website. Let’s dive a bit deeper into these solutions. Your website is the one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan, so invest in it and try to avoid creating a generic page that gives the basic information up front; add links and extra pages to pull people in and let them explore the details of your services and how you can help them. As for content, make sure to have your target audience in mind when writing it, but do not fall into the trap of basic articles that could relate to any business in your industry. You should identify keywords that relate to your business and are likely to be included in internet searches; we call these long-tailed keywords which target the people that you are trying to reach. Also, do not try to cheat the system by stringing together a bunch of keywords that make no sense. Google has a built-in algorithm that catches schemes like this and will not pull your website to the top.

    Creating and posting content

    When it comes to creating and posting content, this is your greatest tool for branding and SEO strategies. Use it wisely. If you pull your website to the top of Google searches without any significant content, then it does not matter how much traffic your website receives because you are not saying anything important. This is a mistake that can actually turn off your target audience and drag your webpage back down. We have found the best way to structure content is by writing about interesting topics that relate to your industry and teach your audience something new. Each article should be between 500 to 800 words and that long-tailed keyword we spoke about earlier needs be included in the article title as well as in the first 100 words of your piece.

    Our company offers a free website audit

    Here is the best part: our company offers a free website audit. We will take a week to look at your website and use a software that identifies broken links on your page. After our evaluation, we set up a meeting with you to provide strategies we believe will strengthen your website. Once the audit is complete, you can choose to pay an outside company to implement our solutions or you can use our in-house team to do it. Outside companies often take a long period of time to create content and can be quite costly. So we must point out, our team can help you with content for a fraction of the cost and time. If you are interested in our services, email Ally Cole at