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    How to Launch a LinkedIn Marketing Ad Campaign

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Are you ready? Get excited because we are going to take you behind the scenes in how to create a marketing campaign! We have proven over the past 27 years to be the best collection source for the staffing and recruiting industry and that is because of our dedicated focus on marketing. So, sit back and get comfortable as we walk you through the steps we took on our marketing campaign “Backdoor Hire Solutions”.

    Identify your client base

    People are often intimidated by the idea of marketing on a digital platform, but this is an important contributor in how companies make money. The first step is to identify your client base. We have learned that the majority of our clients are on LinkedIn, so our ads are geared towards the LinkedIn platform. Honestly, if you are a staffing and recruiting firm, you are already working with HR departments and they are on LinkedIn.

    Identify who is your target audience

    You also need to identify who is your target audience. Our campaign is geared towards targeting the United States, but you can focus on any region or country that your company wants. Then take a it a step closer, our campaign is meant to capture the attention of AER recruiters and headhunters. We also make our ads applicable to those who are in control of making decisions for the company. These are the CEOs, VPs, and other top employees, and they are our specifically targeted market. It is important that you think of the individuals in addition to the larger audience.

    Cost per click type advertisement

    When it comes to the ad, we have created a user-friendly one with a single image and an attached link. This link pulls the user over to our website where they will find information about our company. Our strategy is based on a cost per click type advertisement since we are encouraging people to click on our webinars. If you are geared towards brand awareness, then you may want to use impressions. Or, if you have one idea in mind and want people to fill out a form, then you should use convergence.

    Once you have taken these steps, review what your ad looks like. Have you created a campaign that meets all of your goals? If the answer is yes, then let’s continue!

    The goal is that we want to take that audience and bring them to our websites that we own and control.

    Our ad is now on LinkedIn and we are “paying rent” in order to access their traffic. The goal is that we want to take that audience and bring them to our websites that we own and control. We want users to sign up for our webinars so that we can get their information and email address, or as we to refer to it, the key to the city. The reason that it is so important to capture their information is because it gives us the ability to target them on different platforms. This is what we refer to as retargeting and it is probably the most important idea we can pass on to you. By creating one simple ad campaign, we are able to sign new clients, learn more about our audience, and grow our business. As a testament to our advertising method, we have been able to double our revenue volume in the past three years by using retargeting.

    We hope that you are able to take these steps to create an ad campaign for your company, but if you want help then you can hire the recruiting and staffing solutions magazine to create ads for you. Good luck!