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    Monday Morning Marketing Meeting: Using Digital Media To Segment Your Marketing

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Ally Cole, brand manager for ELOC Global, and Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens, & Ross (AER) discuss marketing to different demographics using different strategies on today’s podcast.

    Different audiences on different social media platforms respond differently to the content that they experience. For example, skilled marketers would communicate to audiences on Facebook differently from how they would communicate to audiences on Instagram. Skilled marketers can also pick which of their social media posts are worth the extra effort to get them promoted or boosted, which will help them reach a larger audience.

    Advertising can be deployed alongside social media posts. Ally says it is also important to remember what part of the buying process someone is in when they see your advertisement. For example, a banner advertisement on Facebook is a gentle reminder of who your company is, while a Google AdWords advertisement is more active because at that point the person is searching for someone to collect their debt (or search for whatever good/service your company provides).

    Brand awareness is important, similar to having advertisement in the right place at the right time. Ally says the goal of great marketing is to put your money where your client is, because a huge part of marketing is making sure people know who and what you are, along with where to find you, and making it simple for them too. The topic of the content posted to a social media platform also differs depending on the platform. For example, LinkedIn posts are typically work-related and articles, while Instagram posts are typically posts and not work-related.

    Wilson also talks about how people who land up on an AER landing page will receive a pixel (or their browser will receive a pixel), and that pixel will make sure AER-related advertisements display in the advertising space of their browser for the next week or so. Wilson goes on to say this is a service that AER pays for but it is inexpensive and well worth the cost. Banner ads, on whatever platform, are a fabulous way to get in front of clients who might not really know who you are. Wilson says that remarketing has had a huge impact on AER.

    AER is also going to start interviewing staffing industry leaders (free of charge) for Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine (RSSM) for a new series called “profiles in success.” For more information about that or to follow up with Ally on any other marketing topics, you can email her at