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    Monday Morning Marketing Minute: How Much Better Conversion You Get With Video

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens, & Ross (AER) takes a minute to go over marketing and its importance to those who wish to succeed in the collections industry. The person who plays a big role in marketing related to AER is Ally Cole (, Wilson’s daughter. In this and future podcast episodes, she and Wilson will explain the marketing processes that AER employs to land clients.

    AER has over 3,000 staffing and recruiting clients (which translates to a large market share). AER coordinates with Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Media (RSSM) to build and maintain its list of clients.

    RSSM can help your company with SEO, branded magazines, websites, and other marketing services too if you so desire. The main marketing lesson for this podcast is videos and their effectiveness at conversion (of potential clients into paying clients).

    Video marketing’s increased effectiveness lies in being more visually and verbally stimulating than a long marketing emails filled with hundreds of words that you have to read. Also, some people are visual learners, so videos appeal to them more (than just audio forms of marketing). YouTube has positioned itself as having a large market share when it comes to video content on the internet.

    For those in the recruiting and staffing industry, one way recruiters can use video marketing is by opening a YouTube channel and uploading videos on topics such as coaching candidates for interviews. The specific production aspects of videos will vary depending on the content.

    Ally suggests content that contains a lot of jargon or technical details are better communicated through videos if a PowerPoint is used within the video.

    AER is specifically interested in helping clients or potential clients increase their sales because higher sales means more volume, a steady percentage of which will reliably require the skills of a collections specialist like AER, so it’s a win-win.

    In addition to creating a YouTube channel, those interested in using video marketing can also record pre-roll (aka commercials) for videos and position them self as an expert on the video topic that the pre-roll accompanies. You can reduce sales email lengths by including a link to a YouTube after a brief introduction/overview. One YouTube video can also be linked across multiple social media accounts, thereby increasing the “bang for your buck” for each video.

    AER will be producing more video content in the near future to demonstrate the effectiveness of video marketing. If you found this informative, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and while you’re there, feel free to tell us in the comments section how effective video marketing has been for you.