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    Monday Morning Meetings: Simple SEO Strategies That You Can Do In An Afternoon

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens, & Ross (AER) and Ally Cole, brand manager for AER, run down a list of SEO hints and tips to improve your marketing.

    Use content to boost your SEO

    Ally said one key component is using content to boost your SEO. To do this, you would write content and then post it to Facebook or other sites and create backlinks from the content to your website. The way the Google algorithm works with SEO is that it’s all about credibility; credibility is built by having your website referenced in more places. One of the benefits of using Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine’s (RSSM) services is that you can publish content to the magazine and create backlinks to your website, on top of the exposure you get from the magazine article in the first place. AER itself utilizes these SEO techniques and the proof is in the Google search results when you search for such things as “staffing debt” or “past due debt” and the top results are AER and ELOC Global pages.

    Ally says that SEO is similar to how a spider-web is stronger with more strands of web connecting to more places. Wilson says that a smart way to find other companies who may be interested in beginning a mutually beneficial SEO partnership is to think of vendors inside of the same industry where you operate that are not competitors to your company (their clients match your clients). For example, AER is in the staffing and recruiting industry, but is not a competitor to a banking company that caters to the same industry, so they can swap articles/content and help each other’s “SEO spider-web” grow. Wilson says you can even swap client lists too (if appropriate trust is present) because the non-competitor company may have contact information that you do not. This can not only help with SEO but building a mutually beneficial referral system.

    3 things you can do to improve your SEO

    To recap, 3 things you can do to improve your SEO right now are

    1) have content that you can add value to the people you are trying to add as clients,

    2) put that content up on your website,

    3) share that content so that it gets posted to as many other websites as possible (boosting you in Google search).

    This is a much better plan than paying a company that will create a bunch of low-quality backlinks, supposedly improving your website’s SEO, but once Google finds out it will actually hurt your website. All of this is important because as Wilson says, the business cycle has compressed so much that by the time a potential client calls you, they are much closer to choosing who they plan to do business with than in the past. You don’t want to be left behind because you didn’t employ a good SEO strategy. If you want to follow up with Ally about SEO or other marketing opportunities, you can email her at

    4. Easy-to-measure performance and results

    To easily track the performance of a website and its SEO, digital marketing experts have developed tools to measure and calculate results.

    Some of the most important aspects to track are keywords, usability, performance, social, and security. If you would like to see your website’s current standing, you may use our free SEO and website audit.

    5. SEO can be outsourced

    Understandably, very few staffing and recruiting businesses have in-house SEO teams. SEO requires a lot of time and attention and more often than not, everyone’s already overwhelmed with the workload. Also, the tools to execute and track SEO is an added cost to the company. Hence, most staffing and recruiting firms outsource.

    Aside from convenience, hiring an agency for your SEO provides advantages such as:

    • The agency is under contract and is required to produce results.
    • SEO packages are flexible. You can select which one fits your budget and needs.
    • A third-party offers an outsider’s perspective and is free from a possible internal conflict of interests.
    • Experts use special tools to execute SEO plans.
    • The agency can identify the areas for improvement in your whole website and provide solutions.

    No matter what you choose, make sure that you assess the present standing of your website to make the right decision between an in-house and outsourced SEO.

    6. SEO is a brand-builder

    An exceptional SEO strategy cannot be separated from trust and credibility. SEO’s main goal is to generate more ROI and that is only possible once your website gains credibility by acing the rating factors like desirability, performance, usability, and security. And though we have mentioned this in our past blogs, we’ll say it again: it all comes down to the value of your content and if your audience can find you. Remember, you cannot build a brand without trust, and you cannot gain trust if you the users are unaware of your business. SEO will get you in front of your desired audience and with strategic planning and execution, brand-building will follow.

    7. You can push out your competition

    If it’s not you on the number 1 spot, then it’s someone else. Frankly, it’s plain common sense that most businesses still don’t pay attention to. As we have mentioned back on number 3, 75% of users never go past Google’s first page and if you’re not there, you’re invisible. But if you occupy those spots, it means that your competitors are pushed down to lower rankings and the traffic goes to your website.

    To Wrap It Up

    After a difficult year, simply having a website and being online will not bring you the returns you desire. You need to be in front of your audience when they are ready to get your services. SEO generates high-quality leads by raising brand awareness at a fairly low cost, all while pushing out the competition.

    With SEO, your investment is easily quantifiable through performance-tracking tools. Let’s do it now. Assess your current website and SEO performance and see what you can do. It’ll only take a minute to see the results.