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    Our System for Social Media Content Creation

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    The idea of creating content can seem overwhelming. Especially when people start thinking about creating enough content to post daily on their social media accounts. This does not have to be an overwhelming topic. it can be as simple as spending 10 minutes in front of a video camera to create a full weeks’ worth of content.

    1. Record a video

    Our content creation strategy is just that simple. The first thing we do when creating content is to record a video. These can be done in various ways. One way we put out content is with the help of Wilson and either Samantha or Ally Cole. They will speak to one another while being recorded about a topic they’ve seen come up a lot in the industry. This usually only takes about 10 minutes. Another way this can be done is just one person in front of a camera. A PowerPoint or some sort of visual aid can also be helpful when doing this alone. By no means is this necessary. And now you have one piece of content of video ready for your next post or to go up on your website.

    2. The next step in this process is to have the video transcribed.

    This takes the stress out of writing a new article. This task can also be very easily delegated to other people in the office if you don’t want to write the article. These articles are great to put up on your website because they are full of great keywords. Talk about something that’s a hot topic in your industry so you have something to share with people who are going to be looking for these answers. This, in the end, will help with your SEO.

    3. Lastly, after the article has been written you can then pull 2 quotes from the article.

    These are great to use as captions for pictures on your social media accounts. Think about the quotes you see from inspirational speakers or influencers in the field while you were scrolling through social media. Now imagine being the person that has a great point that people want to share on a pretty picture that’s a statically pleasing.

    Content creation does not have to be a big scary process. From one 10-minute-long video, you have now created enough content for a full week’s worth of social media posting. Once you have built up your archives with wonderful content you can also reduce them. There is no reason that the amazing video you did last year that’s still relevant should not be posted again today.