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    SEO Guide for Recruiters

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    June 24, 2022

    SEO Guide for Recruiters

    The methods that were effective in the past for attracting applicants are already ineffective. Candidates find jobs differently as the world evolves, and you need to adapt and take advantage of all the new opportunities.

    One such tool is search engine optimization; with the right plan, you can expand your audience and build a talent pool. Simple strategies can also speed up the hiring process and make it simpler to recruit applicants.

    Simply put, search engine optimization or SEO is a collection of strategies that let you use search engines like Google and Bing to direct natural traffic to your website.

    Why Recruiters Need SEO

    Targeting the right audience is one of SEO's finest benefits. Search engine optimization for the recruitment industry focuses on job postings, career portals, and blogs that candidates frequent. You will likely locate the ideal applicant more quickly and with less work if you improve your website to draw in more visitors.

    Additionally, a well-optimized website increases the visibility of the employer. The study found that 64% of applicants research the organization before submitting their applications. Thirty-seven percent of candidates decide not to apply if they do not obtain the necessary information online. Nowadays, it is imperative to pay attention to your online presence since visibility matters. The suitable prospects will find you more readily if you use professional SEO services since they can develop an organic marketing strategy to improve your web presence.

    Social media is also a part of an online presence. Social networking can also be optimized using SEO! Recruitment agencies' presence on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, where most job seekers conduct their searches, can help them meet the ideal applicants.

    SEO Techniques to Boost the Hiring Process

    SEO will assist you in achieving all of these objectives, whether you want to draw potential
    candidates or enhance brand awareness. The initial actions you can take to develop a successful SEO strategy are outlined below.

    1. Choose specific keyword phrases.

    A fundamental element in raising your search ranking is to choose keywords for recruitment. Since keywords often refer to the words and phrases people use while searching for anything in a search engine, it is imperative to analyse beforehand thoroughly. Additionally, it is a terrific method to learn more about your industry and discover the topics that interest your audience the most.

    We advise you to include location-based keywords in your recruitment keywords list, which are expressions that refer to a particular region. Having such terms in your SEO strategy allows you to draw candidates from specific geographic areas since these people are more inclined to start their job search locally.

    2. Deliver quality content

    An SEO campaign will fail without intelligent, pertinent, and helpful content. Creating content can entice applicants to stay on your website longer, browse it, or return, which increases trust and visibility for your business.

    Candidates can be engaged and given excellent starting points through career guidance, interview hints, and job-hunting advice. Your blog posts will appear higher in Google or other search engines as readers interact with the website. A focused audience stays on your website longer. Your web pages have a chance to rank for your target keywords, and more websites may potentially link to your material because of its quality.

    3. Create backlinks

    The links that go from one website to another are known as backlinks. When conducting research, you most likely utilize them frequently. Backlinks direct you to the primary source of information with study findings or other specific details if the issue is not covered in depth in the article you are reading.

    Search engines value your content when they discover that it has backlinks. Therefore, the more backlinks you receive, Google will elevate your publications to the top of the search results. Publishing articles on other resources is one approach to achieving this. In addition to the obvious advantages it provides for your SEO recruiting strategy, it is an excellent chance for you to position yourself as an industry authority and promote your brand, which raises your status in the recruiting sector.

    4. Upgrade your job postings

    Utilize the advantages of metadata. Search engines can better understand your posting's topic thanks to metadata. The code in your CMR is an invisible data piece to readers. Make sure to include pertinent keywords, your location, or a statement that you only hire remotely when writing your meta tags.

    For two reasons, giving prospective prospects a visual experience is also advantageous. Since readers prefer to read diagonally, it first aids in information absorption. Use headings and only include pertinent information when you divide paragraphs so that candidates are more likely to read through to the conclusion and determine whether the position is a good fit. Second, well-structured pages frequently receive favour from search engines.

    Optimize your site for searches by adding URLs. Logical URLs will aid applicants in understanding your material by assisting them in navigating the pages and search engines. Therefore, your job advertising URLs should be short, incorporate the main keywords, and be simple enough to read.

    Utilizing structured data is another technique to aid your search engine. If coding is not your thing, you may add structured data using plugins like Yoast or Schema. Thanks to the structured data, Google can grasp what you will discuss in your publication.

    5. Make your website mobile-friendly

    Nowadays, most qualified candidates do their job searches on their smartphones, so your website or career site must be updated. Make sure it is correctly shown on mobile devices, whether your home page or another crucial page on your website.

    You risk losing ranking and position in search engine result pages without a mobile-friendly page because readers will spend much less time there.

    To Wrap It Up

    SEO for recruiters is as crucial as SEO for any other type of organization. The good news is that your efforts will eventually pay off, and the sooner you start investing in your SEO strategy, the faster you can expedite the hiring process.