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    Ultimate Guide to Digital Creative Marketing and How It Works?

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    April 1, 2022


    Digital creative marketing is a term that has become commonplace fairly quickly as internet usage/adoption goes up and up. It generally refers to any form of marketing that takes place via the Internet. Companies looking to market their products are naturally turning to creative digital and building out their creative digital strategy because the first rule of marketing is to go to where your potential customers are. If they are spending more time online (using the Internet) than they are naturally spending less time offline (unless they are really good at multitasking). This makes having a creative digital campaign increasingly important but for some companies late to the game, whether they are new companies or making a shift in their marketing strategy, how exactly do they get in on the action? This guide will provide an overview on just that.


    A helpful start to digital creative marketing is to discuss some common forms people see every day. The first thought that pops into many people’s head are the advertisements they see along the left and right side of the window of their internet browser when they are signing into their email account or browsing their favorite news site. These advertisements, known as banner ads, contain a link so that when people click on them it redirects or opens a new page to wherever the company who took out the ads desires; typically to the company’s own website. This is only 1 of many channels a digital marketing strategy typically utilizes though. Creative digital marketing services can also include ranking high in search engine results, social media posts, an email/newsletter list, and more.


    Before we go any further it should be noted who actually does the digital marketing for a company. Some companies choose to do it in-house where they have an internal team/department that handles all/most digital marketing. Some companies choose to work with a creative digital marketing company that specializes in digital marketing to do all or most of it. Also known as creative digital media agencies, these organizations design, deploy, measure, and do other tasks related to digital marketing campaigns. They have at least 1 contact person within the client business that will review the performance of such marketing campaigns to confirm proper ROI and compatibility with the business’ overall brand. All digital marketing needs to be in sync with a business’ brand to ensure the business is attracting the customers it is looking for and growing in the ways described in the business’ mission statement.


    Either way you slice it there are costs associated with digital creative marketing because of the salaries of internal employees or fees paid to a digital marketing company. Costs can further increase if a paid channel is utilized as part of a digital marketing campaign. For example, company ABC chooses to pay an influencer or celebrity to make some posts to their social media accounts where there are 1 million followers total. Company ABC could have chosen to make the same social media posts only to their own social media accounts but they would have only reached an audience of 1,000. The people at company ABC crunched the numbers and decided it would be worth the fee to pay the influencer or celebrity to reach the much larger audience. But what numbers exactly did they crunch to arrive at that decision?


    The answer is that it varies from company to company but there are some key inputs/numbers that are essential to look at. First off, how much is the fee? It has to be low enough to justify proper return on investment. That is determined by various numbers related to various statistics of the influencer or celebrity. How big is their audience/following? How many people actually see their social media posts? How many people actually interact with the content of their posts? These statistics and more determine how much an influencer or celebrity will charge via their fee and also whether a company will be willing to pay that fee. All of this is done in parallel to calculations of whether a company should make an investment here or via another digital marketing channel.


    Mentioned briefly before was the digital marketing channel of search engine results or specifically efforts to ensure a link to a company’s website appears at/near the top of the results for a specific keyword or keywords. This is generally known as search engine optimization and the most popular search engine is of course Google search. Companies invest big money into SEO for a number of reasons but especially because of how measurable and tailored it can be. For example, if a company knows its product will sell successfully to a certain gender or age group it can see the statistics of the types of visitors that are coming through search engine results for given keywords and adjust accordingly to get more results from the gender or age group that will buy its product.