Find out how our voicemail drop services work.


Let’s face it, no one answers their phones anymore. Why would you have your high paid salespeople talking to everyone’s voicemail? We have a system that whenever the call is directed to a voicemail, our telemarketer drops a pre-recorded voicemail so interested prospects know where to callback. Spoiler alert – if you get a call from me every 60 days its not me, it is a voicemail drop.

One of the things that modern technology has eliminated is the need to talk over the phone to each other. Let us come to terms with reality: no one answers their phones anymore. Since this is the case, why would you waste the time of your salespeople by having them leave voicemails to every client, company, or person that they call?


Our solution: voicemail drop service. We have generated a system that takes over whenever a call is directed to a voicemail box. Our telemarketers drop a pre-recorded voicemail so that anyone who is interested in our services knows where to call back. This saves your salespeople time and relieves the frustration which comes with having to leave the same message over and over again when people do not answer the phone. One perk of using a voicemail drop service is that you can also program it to call people again every ten, thirty, or sixty days to remind them about your business. We can help you set up this system so that you can have your salespeople return to their work with actual clients or potential clients while the voicemail drop service makes the calls. This is also an excellent marketing technique that requires very little time or money to do. By continuing to remind people about your business using their voicemail, you are not only boosting your sales, but you are also proving to potential clients and consumers that you follow-up and will continue to work on creating a relationship with them.


Our experts will customize a solution to the services you need.