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    Voicemail Drop, a Human Approach to Unanswered Phone Calls



    Updated: Jan 18, 2022


    Hearing the phone ring used to excite people, and picking up was almost an obligation because missing a call meant missing something important. As new technologies arise, the urge to pick up the phone decreases. According to a 2019 survey, around 50% of phone calls in the USA are left unanswered. This behavior is influenced by the emerging of easy-access mobile applications. Don’t take this the wrong way, quick-messaging apps are a privilege that we enjoy and utilize but, if you’re a business owner, you know that a phone call still makes communication more personal. Being in a call with a prospect helps us gauge their interest and commitment. We could better ensure that a “yes” is indeed a “yes,” and objections are easily addressed. But what if people don’t pick up? Does this mean that the practice of outbound calling is nearing its end? Outbound calls have been around for long and, though times are changing, they’re still here to stick around. Voicemail Drop, a technology that emerged years ago, is continually proving to surpass the difficulties brought by unanswered phone calls. It is a system that sends pre-recorded, personalized voice messages to your recipient’s voicemail with the help of your outbound callers.

    To help you understand more, we’ve listed down the advantages of using Voicemail Drop in your business:

    1. It is a human approach.

    Let’s get one thing straight, Voicemail Drop is not voice broadcast. A Voicemail Drop is chosen by the caller once the ringing stops and the call gets directed to voicemail. It gives your salespeople a chance to engage in phone calls and, if no one picks up, choose a fitting pre-recorded voicemail manually. On the other hand, a voice broadcast is an automated system that blasts phone numbers and leaves messages while it disregards the possibility of engaging agents in a call and possibly gives your business a bad reputation of just leaving automated messages to the wrong people. A Voicemail Drop is a more reasonable, long-term investment and gives a more human approach.

    2. Increases productivity.

    Be it a telemarketing call, debt collection, or lead generation, a call that is left unanswered is a missed chance to pitch. Voicemail Drop makes it possible to still send your message across even if no one picks up the phone.

    3. Saves time and money.

    Let’s say that your outbound agents are accustomed to leave voicemails. Averagely, it will take about 60 seconds to finish one message. With a Voicemail Drop, a pre-recorded message can be chosen within 3 seconds. That’s 95% of time saved, and the lesser the time your employees spend on recording voicemails, the more time they have for other tasks.

    4. Leave error-free voicemails.

    There is no such thing as a perfect delivery when it comes to leaving voicemails on the spot. Voicemail Drop gives you the chance to avoid errors such as pronunciation mistakes, fillers, and long pauses. You can record until you create a perfect and professional-sounding voice message.

    5. Scheduled voicemail drops.

    The more we hear about something, the more familiar it becomes to us. Voicemail Drops can be scheduled every 10, 30, or 60 days to keep you relevant and help your prospects stay aware of your presence.

    6. Choose whose voice to record.

    Hearing a voicemail from the business owner or someone in the higher chain of command creates a bigger impact on the recipient’s end. With Voicemail Drop, you can personally record your own voice and you can also choose your best salespeople with the strongest phone presence to create a great impression.

    7. You can have multiple voice recordings to choose from.

    Different situations require different solutions. One of the top advantages of Voicemail Drop is you can record and save multiple messages and choose one that fits your situation.

    8. You can choose the number to call back.

    You may personally choose the number that appears in the caller ID end so when a prospect calls back, they can talk directly to you or the people you trust most.

    Times may have changed and answering phone calls may not be as thrilling for people but, with the help of Voicemail Drop, this behavioral challenge can be overcome. To find out how Voicemail Drop can specifically work for your business, send us an email at or call us at 800-452-5287 ext. 7785. Your first 30 days from sign up is FREE.