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    What is Google business profile optimization?

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    January 23, 2023

    Google business profile optimization

    The platform Google My Business, a division of Google Inc., was created with local business owners in mind. However, even when you are working to promote your company locally, it can be complicated to do so.

    Use Google MyBusiness to maximize your local exposure and marketing efforts in today's top search engine results, including Google. With Google My Business, you can focus on what matters most—your customers and clients—while reaching a far larger audience in less time.

    What is Google MyBusiness?

    The platform's aim is cleverly stated in its name—it's all about enabling people to Google your business.

    Google MyBusiness is a free service that enables you to add extra details about your company to search results.

    In addition to a URL and a description, you can include images, videos, phone numbers, delivery zones, business hours, and links to reservation services.

    Potential customers can learn more about what to expect when they visit for the first time with the help of a cover photo and excerpts from Google Maps and Google Street View.

    A word of caution: Users can recommend changes to your profile, so ensure it's accurate frequently.

    The most crucial factors to consider while verifying your Google My Business presence and tweaking it to enhance your local search results are covered in this Google My Business tutorial.

    Your Google My Business (GMB) profile must be set up using a Google account, which is the most crucial first step in becoming visible in local searches. Your profile appears in the knowledge panel or the box on the right side of the search results page when someone searches for your business on Google.

    Additionally, the data source appears for your company in the map pack—the trio of listings at the top of organic search results—and on Google Maps.

    What are the features of Google MyBusiness?

    It is highly recommended first to create your own Google Business account to become familiar with the capabilities that Google My Business offers if you are interested in optimizing Google My Business and simplifying your own local business. However, no matter what business you are in, some of Google My Business' most significant features might aid you in reaching success.

    1. Location

    Getting the word out about your local business can be challenging, especially if you aren't doing it online yet. With Google My Business, your company's precise location will be included in rendered search results, along with a local map showing your company's location on the user's map. In particular, if you are a locally-owned firm in a region where competition is fierce, Google My Business can help you increase the overall visibility of your organization.

    2. Categories and Descriptions

    There may be restrictions on the kind of content your listing can contain or how it is structured if you try to add your company URL to an online directory. With Google My Business, you can select the category ideal for your company while also putting a neat description of your company that will serve as keywords for customers anytime they conduct a Google search. Your official URL's SEO, or search engine optimization, will also benefit by adding a description and choosing a category.

    3. Images

    Another important feature of Google My Business is the option to use and share images of your business location, the services you offer, and even the products (such as specialty items, food, or drinks) that you sell to consumers. Customers and clients can now upload and share images they shot of your business or at your location with any Google Business listing. Sharing photos on Google My Business can influence how people see your company and help you make an excellent first impression on people genuinely interested in learning more.

    4. Attributes

    New elements and features have been integrated into the platform as Google My Business has grown to improve user accessibility and accuracy. For example, the ability to add unique qualities to business listings or local marketing campaigns is now available to everyone who uses Google My Business and has a Google Business account. Specific information about a location is represented via attributes from Google My Business, such as whether the establishment welcomes pets, provides outside seating or even contributes to particular causes or charities. If that is your goal, using qualities can aid in drawing in a specific crowd or audience.

    5. Reviews

    When trying to sell a product or service online, reviews are especially important for leaving a lasting impression on users. Reviews for your business will immediately appear on Google My Business, which may or may not be advantageous to you, depending on how customers perceive your brand and company. For example, a company with excellent reviews and a high rating is far more likely to attract newcomers and potential clients. Conversely, new potential clients are more likely to look elsewhere if your Google My Business listing is loaded with negative or subpar ratings.


    Rank Higher—Optimize Your Listing

    Now it's time to optimize your Google My Business profile. First, click on your company after logging into your GMB dashboard.


    Fill up your GMB profile as much as possible because it provides Google with important information about your company directly, and providing as much information as possible is the ideal optimization strategy.


    The following are the elements you should optimize:

    1.Use the name of your actual company. 

    It is against Google's Terms of Service to add extra keywords, which could result in your listing devaluing.

    2. Include a nearby phone number. 

    It's a crucial indicator or ranking element that your local business is legitimate. If you utilize a call tracking number, enter it in the first available field. Put your local number into the secondary slot (that's what users will see).

    3. Verify that your operating hours are accurate.

    4. Create an engaging description. 

    Make yourself known to others. Because the description has no bearing on how you rank in searches, avoid keyword stuffing, the practice of loading a page with keywords to increase a site's position.

    5. Upload several high-quality pictures. 

    Images of the outside, inside, and products are included.

    6. If you have videos, upload them. 

    Videos must be no longer than 30 seconds and no more than 100 MB.


    If you can, also get good reviews.


    Potential customers will read your customer reviews to understand what it's like to purchase your goods or service. Additionally crucial to increasing your exposure in local searches are reviews.


    Customer feedback is not only used internally. They may significantly affect how customers perceive your company and its ability to prosper online. For example, when researching an unknown firm, you might look for reviews or customer testimonials to ease your mind before purchasing or trusting the organization. But if you have a wrong initial impression of the company due to negative comments or feedback, you could be more likely to go elsewhere for the goods or services you require.


    Customer feedback reveals what your customers desire and require from your company. However, when it comes to the flaws in your customer service or even the caliber of your items, they can also be very illuminating.


    To Wrap It Up

    You can create that lasting first impression now that you understand how to claim, validate, and improve your listing. You now have your own guide in optimizing an existing listing or creating a new one so that you appear more frequently in local searches and attract new clients.


    Using Google My Business provides several benefits for all business owners, from posting images of your goods and services to directly responding to inquiries and offering a visual map of your company's location. 

    Promote your GMB listing—it's one of the most crucial factors in local searches. Need help setting it up? A complete digital marketing agency can help you start and maintain your profile.