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    “Why are there so many Job Postings on the Web?…”

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022

    job posting

    Lets talk about “Why are there so many RF Antenna and Electromagnetic job postings on the Web, yet getting interviewed is such a daunting task”. Unless you feel that such a Specific topic isn’t appealing, and in which case we can whittle it down to, “Why are there so many Job Postings on the Web…”

    Submit your resume through one of the major Job boards

    If it seems like you’re constantly submitting job applications through the internet with no response from a human, don’t feel alone. You first have to understand how the job application process works, so Ill break it down for you…. In this scenario, you submit your resume through one of the major Job boards, you upload a resume and hit the SUBMIT button. Is that all there is to finding a new job ? The answer is NO.

    Right now your resume and application has simply found its way through the internet and into an electronic database at the hiring company, and until a human being reviews your application, nothing happens. Finally the human resources manager, or a recruiter takes the time to review the applicants, and will short list the best of the applicants to contact. Hopefully one of those best candidates is you. However if they don’t feel that you’re one of the candidates, your phone wont ring, you won’t get a dear john letter, and you’ll never know why you weren’t contacted for the job.

    Some job postings are a low priority for the employer

    Next you have to understand that some job postings are a low priority for the employer, and some postings aren’t ready for the interview process to begin because simply put, the job isn’t real. In fact some hiring companies will broadcast their position in hopes of winning a new contract, but really have no intentions of hiring until they actually win the contract and have the actual need to hire. Worse yet, if the contract is never awarded and the money for the new project doesn’t come through, then there becomes no need to interview. This isn’t always the case, but this does contribute to proverbial black hole that we all end up in from time to time.

    Landing a new job requires an internet savvy job seeker

    There are ways to improve your chances of being considered for these jobs, rather than submitting, then ending up in that black hole….. So understand that since we live in a digital world, landing a new job requires an internet savvy job seeker, who is strategic in their job hunt, and knows how to stand out amongst the other dozens of job seekers who are after the same job as you.

    Stay On Topic

    Don’t ask interviewees tough questions that have nothing to do with the position they’ve applied for, not only will this confuse them as to what the position is about, but it’s also not necessary. Stay on topic and focus on discussing the position to figure out if you should hire them or not. If you choose to hire this person, then you will have more time to discuss off topic things with them, but interviews are strictly to figure out if an interviewee is right for your company.

    For you to stand out, and improve your chances of landing the job, keep these 2 things in mind……..

    1. Only submit your resume for jobs that you’re truly qualified for. I see candidates every day who apply for jobs for which they clearly aren’t qualified for, and this won’t land you the job.

    2. There is nothing like spending 10 minutes tailoring your resume to the job in which you’re applying for. If the job requires experience with Phased Array Antenna development, Electromagnetics and the design of Left handed Widgets, then take the time to spell out the fact that you’ve designed Phased Array Antennas, you understand electromagnetic principals and have created left handed widgets. Then when you submit your resume, you’ll stand out within the large sea of applicants, and will be seen as a candidate who truly has the right skills for the job, rather than the candidate whose resume is generic, and makes the decision maker struggle to find your applicable skills. Think about it….. If the duties of a job posting are specific, why wouldn’t you spend the few extra minutes on your resume to prove that your skills are applicable to the job before submitting your resume ?

    I hope these tips will help you land the job of your dreams !