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    Why Chat on Your Website is a MUST If You Want To Close More Sales

    Ally Cole

    Ally Cole

    Updated: Jan 17, 2022


    Having a chat function on your website can change the way you reach your customers and how they interact with you. Customer interaction is evolving. People are getting increasingly overwhelmed with email every day. There was a time where people would more freely check their email so you could follow back up after they had time to think about your product or services. This is becoming more and more difficult to do.

    People do not want you chasing them down with email. Then how else are you going to follow up with people and answer questions? It is simple, catch them while they are on your site. You know they are already interested in you and what you have to offer. Why not take that time to pop up in chat and ask if you can help them?

    First, you can man the chat yourself.

    If you have the time, you can stand watch on your website. Your site will ping you whenever someone comes to your page and you can interact with them through the chat. You can also pay services to handle this for you where you can have a trained client service representative. They will be waiting to answer any questions the person may have.

    Catch people while they are thinking about you before that changes!

    We have seen this lead to a higher level of conversion on our sites as well as client sites. The human attention span is officially shorter than a goldfish. Catch people while they are thinking about you before that changes! Most of the time the end goal is to get people on a phone call with a sales representative to answer any more questions. This is how they come one step closer to the buying process.

    One concern we hear a lot is that people will find it invasive. It is not. There is a small chat box that comes up in the bottom corner of your computer. You can easily exit out if you choose not to chat. This is why people that do not want to be bothered will close it and people who want to talk can respond.

    Whether you choose to man the chat yourself or choose to hire it out will change the way people interact with your website. They can chat with you while they are reading the amazing article you just worked on and if they want to learn more, they can with one simple click.